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Career Transitions

A complete, self-paced application that walks job-seekers through the entire process from assessing strengths and interests, to exploring new opportunities, to ultimately improving the chances of landing a job.

Learning Express Library

Provides a computer skills section that includes instructional how-to videos on Windows 8, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office products and more!

This renown database offers an extensive video library complete with courses in computer education & programming, 3D animation, graphic design, music, video, web design, marketing and more!


Full-text articles to many USA and international newspapers. The Brookfield/Riverside Suburban Life is included.


Search information listings for 13 million U.S. businesses and 120 million households.

Live, online tutoring service. All tutors are certified and background-checked. Log in for help with math, social studies, English, and science. Use ProofPoint to have your papers proofread before you turn them in.

Universal Class

Access to over 540 online courses with real instructors guiding the learning, including business, accounting, human resources and office skills.